Yogesh Patkar In 1993, Yogesh Patkar formed the Pacemakers Academy to share the love of dancing with friends and fellow dance enthusiasts, in the buzzing metropolis of Dombivli. Yogesh wished that every person, who enjoyed the beautiful sensation of free-form dancing, should explore dance - as an art-form of living life. Soon after, training and grooming instructors, to spread the passion for dance became the raison d'être - 'reason to be' for Yogesh's Pacemakers Academy. The Academy set a new pace in the cultural churns of youth, toddlers, young and not-so-young (aka old) alike. With every passing year, the joy of dancing -to any and every tune- spread rapidly across Dombivli and its neighbourhood - Kalyan and Thane. With over 20,000 entertainment enthusiasts or professionals as alumni, over 500 awards and prizes at local, national and reality TV shows, Pacemakers Academy is arguably the best dance class or dance training studio in Thane district ...Read More