Dancing solo is fun too! Creating your own style of expression using one or more styles of dance or just dancing for relaxation, Call on us! We enjoy working one on one in the style(s) of your choice. Receive personal attention and training catered to your needs/level. Private lessons can be scheduled for a 1/2 hour, 1 hour, or even more across a few weeks too! Couples and Partners can train for Salsa, Ball Room, or other forms of couple dances.

Contact Pacemakers Academy for schedules and rates for your private lesson today!

When you listen to some music, when you feel the rain fall pitter-patter, when you feel the spring is in the air - Feel a tingling sensation in your feet or arms, mind or heart? Feel a warm gush of adrenaline? We would love to hear from you. Allow us to add the poise, the style, the expression and you will see yourself in a new light! You will be ‘poetry-in- motion’ or ‘rhythm-in- action’.

Dance Training

At Pacemakers Academy, you will be taught the ‘Pacemakers Way’ – a method of learning dance that has evolved developed and tuned meticulously by Yogesh Patkar. The ‘Pacemakers Way’ is constantly evolving as we continue our dance explorations. The befitting testimony for the journey of the academy over the last 25 years, is the glittering students who have showcased talents, as winners, stars and film stars too.

We are dedicated to providing basic, intermediate and professional dance classes in Contemporary Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, Bollywood, Hip-Hop varieties and a host of other styles - for enthusiasts of all ages.

Our Course content is graded and the level attained by a student is assessed before moving on to the content of the next level. Practice with love, Repeat with a rhythm, perform with perfection.

New joiners at every level may need to take an induction program to sync with the ‘Pacemakers way’ and then move on into the course.



To begin dancing, there are no minimum or maximum qualifications, anyone above the age of 3 is qualified to dance. However, for certification courses or such training, your abilities and capabilities with skills are evaluated by the trainer/instructor for furtherance of your training levels.


Pacemakers Academy organizes several types of courses to suit the time, commitment, goals, age and levels of skills of the individual. So, if you are a recreational dancer, or a dancer for fitness, or aim to be competitive dancer or even a professional dancer at international arena – there is a course for you – tailored for the goals and your timeframe.

These courses are the more students (10-12 years or older) who are passionate about dance and wish to excel, perform and innovate in one or more styles. The classes are conducted for 8 hours across 4 days a week. (not on the weekends). Here a level of training is completed over 4 months. There are several levels and curriculum based on styles of dance chosen, extra coaching from special workshops with visiting experts, participation in live shows. It is a part of a lifetime of learning dance. Are you truly dedicated? Come, Ignite the dancer in you.

(10-12 years or older) These classes are for the busy people but love to learn dance seriously too. These are weekend classes (Saturday – Sunday) 2 hours per day. In this course, a level is usually completed over 6 months. Students at the collegiate level can pursue dance to develop as a hobby or even as a prime career. Come, Ignite the dancer in you.

Looking to qualify for an international exposure? Qualify in International Dance with a certificate, diploma or a degree! Be recognized, respected and well received – Canada, USA, Europe, Australia! Such certifications help you to become teachers, or become research assistants in Dance at the global level. We are associated with International Institutes/Academy/University to fulfill the credits for further learning and choreography. Come, educate yourself through esteemed learning & creativity.

Short or long study breaks for a student are opportunities for students to explore their natural talents. It is scientifically proven that hobbies help in a child's cognitive development right from a tender age of four till adolescence. According to a research report, a child reacts to mental stimulation around the age of four, and later around adolescence when "the child's brain remodels" itself. Hence it is necessary for every child to be exposed to the best forms of expression and vacations are so opportune.

Pacemakers Academy’s Winter Classes run for 3 weeks in Oct/Nov each year, and Summer fun (6 weeks) in April/May every year. The classes are conducted 3 days a week 2 hours per day (morning afternoon or evenings).

Introduce your child to dance in a fun way during the summer break of the school (one style every summer), at Pacemakers Academy’s ‘Summer Aurora’ (or any other suitable name) Camp! 6 weeks of learning a new way to express. A daily dance class that is supplemented with music, creative expression, mime and professional dance learning with videos and instructor lead training, which help them to see dance in a much broader light and learn what suits their body and lifestyle. The summer camp ‘Summer Aurora’ is not meant to be rigorous training schedule, but a time to enjoy and explore expression through fine arts. Every summer, your child graduates to a newer level and style. We know what you did last summer! Right?

This is a great way to spend the Summer break (8 weeks) – dancing, learning, making new friends and having fun! Dance Camp includes: Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theater, Bollywood and more.

If you are lucky, the talent, the potential, the attitude, the commitment you exhibit may get you selected to the Pacemakers Academy’s Reality show auditions training!

Talent requirement for participation in Reality shows or national/International competition demands natural talent, honed by professionals to showcase the versatility and range of the dancer. Learning of multiple dance genres or styles to ‘perfection’ is just the basic need. The seven traits of a ‘total’ performance – poise, confidence, creativity, spontaneity, discipline, courage, style or form, rhythm, expression are needed to be ingrained in your dance vocabulary for overall success. This is a goal focused program and Pacemakers Academy is proud to have spotted and showcased several students who are now stars in their own merits. The selection process is highly meritorious and selected prospects will be invited to be a part of a special long term training program. Of course, success is not guaranteed, but our passion will be a successful you!

Such training begins with enrolment to a regular course and then graduates you to accelerated training. However, you will ace at your own pace.

See you on the dance floor! In everything we plan and do, we remember foremost:

Other training:
We also organize online-training for Indian diaspora or other keen Indian Contemporary dance enthusiasts across the world. Learn Bollywood style, Indian Hiphop and other interesting contemporary dance forms – from the comfort of your home/place. Online – oneOn1 – with a select trainer from Pacemakers Academy. The content of the training is customized by an online discussion of the goals of the training and a minimum number of hours of training. A schedule is also designed for optimized delivery. The schedule will be revisited periodically to assess the goals. These are pre- paid classes on line – with technology assisted connectivity – Facetime, skype, videoconference et al. This class can be conducted for couples/family (4 people) or small groups (6 people) too – Especially for Indian festivals and family occasions.