To reach out to the masses and provide them quality dance & performing arts training, nurturing talent, honing finesse, inspiring artistry, fostering teamwork, inculcate discipline, encourage creativity and generally respect and appreciate the real artforms of life and living.

Looking for an opportunity to work with Pacemakers Academy?

We are, especially Yogesh is, very particular about the inherent qualities in our people. Warmth, resonance, creativity, flexibility et al, but our needs are only half the story.
Yogesh has always believed, that people choose us when we look at things from 'their' point of view. So when you join our team, we will look at things from your side, while you look at things on the clients' or students or parents side. What team spirit do WE need, what opportunities can we provide to make you want to do your best choreography with us? What stories will we make to share with our grandchildren? It really is all about you. As simple as that.

If you feel, we can work together, Welcome aboard. Perform.

It’s What We Do; It’s Who We Are

Dance is the focus of everything we do! Dancing is fun too! Our staff is at the heart of everything we achieve and as the leader in espousing the dance forms, we invite you to explore opportunities to work with us and help us explore uncharted areas and unfulfilled challenges. Our goal is to conceptualize prestigious and exceptional events with our team of exceptionally talented students and professionals.

We are dedicated to deliver our vision across the country and the globe. We know we can do it, as we have reached out over the last 50 years. We are also looking for a chance to make an impact in other regions of our country and the world too. Pacemakers Academy has the Culture of Dance, has a strong industry recognised reputation and of course we are an acknowledged creative powerhouse.

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