Our Star Alumni

Mahesh Poojary


A Heartiest Congrajulations to the prodigious team of Pacemakers and my brother Yogesh Patkar for achieving this huge phenomenal moment of 25yrs of growth and success.
I want to start by saying that, my time dancing with Pacemakers Dance Academy was by far some of the best years of my life. We had so much fun and achieved so much. My experience with Pacemakers goes way back in late 90s when i stepped into yogesh dance class in Sarvesh hall; as everyother teenager even i was lost and confused,wanting to acheive and pursue something in my life. I cannot thank my mother enough for introducing me to yogesh and encouraging me to go through this idea of trying out dancing as a hobby. What started as a hobby to vent my creative energies has now become a full time job.

Yogesh is an Institution in himself. He has been a teacher, a pillar of support, an epitome of strength, as loving as a brother, as caring as a friend, a disciplinarian, yet always so approachable and warm at heart. Not only did he teach me to dance to the best of my ability but helped me with everyday life. I feel this shows what a fantastic person he is. That being said his proffessionalism was second to none. My most memorable moment's of my life with yogesh was the All India Elf Tour where we travelled all over India,all most all states total of more than 600 shows in a row. My lifes first outdoor tour. Unlike other dance schools Yogesh's pupils mean everything to him which makes dance classes so wonderfully enjoyable and a friendly place to be. I have had the honour of working with yogesh as an assistant in my older years at the academy and i enjoyed every minute. Yogesh gives every pupil an equal opportunity and gives up his time to help them acheive the best results. I beleive this is key to his success. Today whatever and who ever i am i owe it to yogesh. I cannot thank you enough and owe you a debt of gratitude for all that you hav done for me.. You are terrifically tireless, exceptionally excellent, abundantly appreciated and magnificent beyond words. Congrajulations on reaching this milestone! I feel proud to be a part of Pacemakers. I without a doubt highly recommend this dance academy to everyone.